August 16, 2022

Fashion star: purple fashion

This winter, a surge of colors storms the dressings putting by the same a good kick to the black, too often assimilated to this season rather sad. But this is ancient history, because the abundance of shards and materials warms the atmosphere is becoming increasingly cold. After camel and khaki, the two flagship colors of the season, others, more cheerful and festive invade the city, as is the case for purple. Coat, scarf, skirt, pants, tights, bag, clutch, shoes ... When the purple has decided to impose itself, nothing stops it. And if, for our mind and our complexion, we adopted this course of chromotherapy (treatment by color)? Follow the guide...

People love it
Purple, plum, eggplant, lilac ... the shades of purple color is unleashed before our eyes, for our greatest happiness, and that of peoples. Jennifer Love Hewitt opts for a short dress with dark purple ruffle, which is closer to eggplant. His good point was to accessorize his dress with a minaudière all rhinestone, which wakes up the outfit. As for Katy Perry, the singer with crazy looks has preferred a bright purple and punchy -tell to say that we see it from afar - so on the accessories, it goes molo, what it seems to have quite assimilated. And finally, Sarah Jessica Parker who played on different shades of purple with a long dress with many variations of color, shows that there is not a single purple. His bag was maybe too much because when wearing an outfit has a high potential, it is necessary to know how to dose

Purple, for whom and how?
Whether you are blonde, brunette, tall or short, with light or dark eyes, or with a golden or pink complexion, purple is one of the easiest colors to wear for all types of people. One can venture to say that it is a cosmopolitan color.
As for the "how to wear", of course, we will avoid the total look even if its light has bewitched you at the risk of a good back in the 80s or worse, to make cheap. This warm shade is self-sufficient, so no need to make tons (a tip to apply for all colors).
When it comes to matching other colors with purple, some people will find that it matches perfectly with yellow / gold or blue ... This is more your personal appreciation than anything else, it's up to you!

One color, several styles
The advantage with this color is that it has many faces. One morning, the purple awakens rock & roll, with black boots, a studded biker jacket, a black hat and circled kohl eyes. And the next day, the color is even, dream of romance and is worn with black carrot pants or a black skirt (skater), ballerinas, loose shirts with fluid materials.
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