March 1, 2021

Fashion tip: how to be sexy in jogging

The brilliant jogging in the colors of hummingbird: in the trash! The jogging you need is the jogging fleece, all cotton. Very soft, comfortable, it should not succumb to its sweatshirt charm under any conditions: its color is all-purpose (gray Isabel Marant) and it tightens on the calf to show the boots with stiletto heels . And it was Alexander Wang who set the tone last spring and unleashed the aspirations of fashionistas.

Knotted on the hips, the sexy jogging team with small feminine tops. A dancer's heart-warmer, a soft knitted sweater under a coat or trench. Do not attract attention by bright colors: beige, gray, navy, black combine to preserve the tone of the jogging in its casual chic version. He was also seen with oversize sweaters, loose T-shirts, a denim jacket, a man's plaid shirt ... But the bold fashion figure must be impeccable and the natural elegance!

Stella McCarney Adidas has been inspired by LE jogging fleece for you. Organic cotton, trendy fleece, low waist, belt folded over the hips and tinted with a gray shade of good taste, it's a must for jogging!
Our advice
Dare to turn your cozy jog into shorts! Cut at mid-thighs, roll down and add your pair of low-heeled boots. A blazer passed over, think to complete your look with a trendy handbag.

Sexy Things Guys Wear (March 2021)