May 13, 2021

Fashion trend: the t-shirt with message by American Apparel

WhileAngelina Jolie Brad Pitt's birthplace is tattooed on the wrist, fashionistas can choose a dedication a little less impressive but just as subtle! The DuckySpot t-shirt retains the mysterious reference will, fun or sentimental branding on a basic American Apparel t-shirt. Meeting place, HQ of friendship and love, worn under a simple black jacket, the t-shirt exhibiting the sequence of numbers and identifiable letters as GPS coordinates intrigue, share or keep its mystery.

On the site DuckySpot, we announced his place via Google Maps to receive a few days later his American Apparel t-shirt perso in the color of his choice.


DuckySpot t-shirt

31,90 euros (excluding postage)

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