October 25, 2021

Fashion Week: the best of haute-couture spring-summer 2009

Romantic elegance according to Christian Dior
Like every year, John Galliano, the chief designer at Maison Dior since 1996, created the event with his Haute-Couture Spring-Summer 2009 collection. Romanticism, elegance, and sobriety seem to have been the key words that guided the designer in his work. In the end, the models of John Galliano are less crazy than they were known, but more dreamlike, with full, reliefs and untied. Fine embroidery, lace and vaporous hats, this is the romanticism revisited.
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The bohemian class according to Christian Lacroix
For his Haute-Couture spring-summer 2009 collection, Christian Lacroix seems to have succumbed to the power of flowers. A way to fight the ambient gloom? It's possible. The models of Christian Lacroix are in any case bohemian and excessively feminine with frous-frous, flying, bright colors and lace here and there sparse. The class in its pure state, but always renewed.
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The retro chic according to Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel
As evidenced by the models in his Haute-Couture spring-summer 2009 collection, Karl Lagerfeld sees Chanel's life in white. Each model (except four) in the collection offered a variation on virginal color from pure white to off-white. Graphic forms and retro, camellias in transparency and in the hair, chiselled and vaporous matters, it is a pacific message that the Master seems to have wanted to pass.
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The sublime lightness according to Elie Saab
In his Haute-Couture spring-summer 2009 collection, the Lebanese designer Elie Saab has given way to an exacerbated femininity. Elegant and vaporous dresses, noble fabrics, organza, muslin, the models of Elie Saab mix sobriety and the sublime in a perfect alliance.
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Transparency and fantasy according to Jean-Paul Gaultier
Jean-Paul Gaultier plays on transparency from every angle in his Haute-Couture spring-summer 2009 collection. Ribbons, lace and veils come to modernize models with graphic cuts and meticulously worked. A contemporary vision of fashion by a designer who is always avant-garde.
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A brilliant staging by Gorgio Armani
The Gorgio Armani Spring-Summer 2009 Haute-Couture collection was a real show. The designer seems to have taken his inspiration in the East and Asia with great bristles, black lacquered wigs and stylized cuts.
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GRIMALDI GIARDINA Fashion Show Spring Summer 2009 Haute Couture - Fashion Channel (October 2021)