April 19, 2024

Favorite Make Up: Gemey-Maybelline Nude Nail Polish

We love these new nail polish in soft colors: these are the Nudes by Gemey-Maybelline. In total, seven new flasks dress our little nails for an intense and luminous result.

These varnishes have been designed for all skin types for a lacquered effect adapted to our complexion. These lacquers are after 28 shades of the range Tenue & Strong of the brand. The colors of 7 nail polish Nudes range from light beige to soft brown.

Pink ivory, pink apricot, powder pink, nude pink, pink sand, iced brown, chocolate and taupe couture are the seven new shades that we will adopt every day for a chic and girly finish, discreet and classy.

Who says nude does not say pale. These shades are vibrant in color, with a raw, shiny finish, no pearlescent effect or metallic sheen. And with their formula based on calcium, iron and silica, you are quiet for up to 7 days!

Price: 7,54?

Consumers Advice Center: 0 810 121 121 (price of a local call)


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Maybelline The Nudes palette tutorial | Melissa Alatorre (April 2024)