February 27, 2020

Female pleasure can not be learned from books

If the desire for the other comes spontaneously, a kind of magnetism takes place between the two protagonists, on the contrary the pleasure is not innate. It will be acquired as and when the relationship. And even very good knowledge of erogenous zones, kisses or caresses will not always lead you to seventh heaven.


"A successful intimate moment requires some learning.The couple must take the time to know themselves physically as well as morally," said Noella Jarousse. "You do not feel comfortable with your body overnight. womenOnce in bed, they panic at the thought of not being up to sexually or simply being naked in front of their partner. The image of the body has become so important in recent years. I deplore today that men and women women do not take the necessary time to discover themselves. This would avoid so many premature separations. "


The obsession with performance can be harmful

It is true that we live in a society where performance is the watchword, even with regard to sexuality. "Young people demand everything, right away," says Noëlla Jarrousse. women claim the right to pleasure like men and want to have 10/10 every time they make love, quality and quantity. We forget that not so long ago, we did not care or pleasure of the women. If she had it it was so much better. "

It is no longer a question for the women to ignore pleasure. She does not want to miss out on something awesome and she's right. She wants to feel the same as others, often influenced by what women's magazines describe or what she sees in movies.
"But be careful, says the sexologist, the notion of pleasure is too subjective to have a model. It's impossible to put exactly what one or the other feels exactly black and white.
While the media are useful, they allow women to ask questions and dare to consult a professional if something is wrong. But each must preserve his personality, his feelings, his way of being without going constantly to see what happens to the neighbor! "

The pleasure trap: Douglas Lisle at TEDxFremont (February 2020)