October 22, 2021

Fight against sweaty feet

As with all other parts of the body, the sweat of feet is related to overactivity of the sweat glands, located under the soles of the feet. This excess of sweat promotes the appearance of mycoses, fungi that proliferate in a humid environment, conducive to bacteria, especially if your feet are locked up all day in their shoes.

Above all, avoid wearing synthetic socks and favor natural fibers such as cotton. Some brands market specially treated socks to combat sweating.

A simple way to fight against sweat : anti-sweat treatments. In the form of gel or lotion, they contain aluminum salts that will reduce sweating. They are used on perfectly cleansed skin and preferably in the evening before bedtime for the product to act during the night.

Homeopathic treatments also exist to treat this phenomenon.
Effective deodorants can help you fight against stubborn odors. For sensitive feet, get a stone of alum (in organic stores) and moisten your skin or stone before using it. Gradually, your smells will disappear as if by a miracle ...

In the evening, at home, favor the wearing of sandals to ventilate your feet as much as possible and use a bactericidal soap for daily hygiene ... Ask your pharmacist for advice on choosing your product: there are lotions of lavender and formaldehyde alcohol that are particularly effective.
Our advice
Charcoal insoles are available in pharmacies, they are very effective at absorbing moisture from the feet. You can also sprinkle your usual soles of boric acid (available in pharmacies), it is an antiseptic that you can also dilute in water to make you foot baths ...

Dr. Oz Explains Sweat (October 2021)