August 16, 2022

Finally a care to disentangle the long hair of a girl

To avoid tears, the ears in the child during the disentangling session. To avoid the threats of mom: "If you do not hold up, I'll take you to the hairdresser who will cut your hair", so it is essential to use a detangling care and without rinsing home Revlon Professionnal: Equave Kids.

This product immediately eliminates the knots and untangles gently avoiding to pull the knots because this action damages the hair fiber. This detangling treatment also repairs children's hair while deeply moisturizing and protecting them. Ah small precision, it reduces static electricity.

The benefits of this treatment:

Paraben-free formula Revlon Professionnal Equave Kids contains mild natural active ingredients for a daily restorative action.

Chamomile repairs and provides shine: the active ingredients repairing and anti-irritating extract of chamomile penetrate gently into the hair and protect against external aggression. Chamomile contains many polyphenols, recognized today for their role as an antioxidant.

Rosemary nourishes and revitalizes: rosemary extract, on the other hand, nourishes, repairs and revitalises the hair fiber. Its toning properties protect the hair from daily rubbing and strengthen the hair defense system.

UVA / UVB sunscreens protect against UV rays.

The complementary active ingredients moisturize and protect.

Wheat extracts regulate the hydration of the hair and therefore facilitate the disentangling and the fresh scent of this care is adapted to the taste of the children.

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