November 28, 2022

Find the hotel of your dreams

The Ramade © Ph.Maury
Diploma and experience in hand, Véronique begins to look for the House which corresponds to his desires. Originally from St-Malo, she opts for this region and gives herself a year to find it. After ten months, still nothing in sight. She decides to expand the scope of her research. A real estate agency offers him a House in Avranches, the city of origin of her husband. "I took this as a sign of destiny, and as soon as I visited it, I knew it was the right one, I fell in love with it, well located, in good condition, I could immediately make it something and continue the activity of cottages that the owner had started, even if the decoration was not to my taste. "For Veronique then begins a course of the fighter, quote, financing, contractors, work ... Fortunately, her father and sister commit to her, she creates a company.

Dominic Fike "3 Nights" (Official Audio) (November 2022)