April 17, 2024

Find the tone in 10 tips

First, we sleep!
It is well known, sleep must be recuperator. Forget the alarm clock. The first days of vacation, turn it off and sleep as many hours as necessary. Gradually, your body will get used to a new sleep cycle and your last insomnia or stress before sleep will be a bad memory.
We spend
The winter break was not very beneficial for our body. Results: hard to get back to exercising! The solution: start slowly but surely. We start with a sweet jog, alone, with two or with his dog (it's more motivating). We ban transport, we prefer walking!
We stay sober, even if the aperitifs on the terrace are tempting. Prefer low alcohol cocktails and keep in mind that alcohol and sun do not mix well. Alcohol is also hyper heat, which will not play in favor of your beautiful silhouette carved for the summer.
We're full of vitamins
In the morning, we opt for a fruit juice or a smoothie. In addition to refreshing, fruits such as orange, apple or grapes will bring you all the necessary vitamins. Our favorite of summer: carrot juice! Excellent stimulant that is also very good for the skin, especially before exposing it to the sun.
Summer rhymes with light eating
We avoid high-calorie foods that, in addition to stopping our waistline, plumb our tone. Pizzas, hamburgers, fast food, sauces have the luxury of making us heavy. Hard to find the motivation to take a dip in the pool or go for a shopping spree after a hearty meal. The solution: replace fat and excessively rich foods with lean meats, vegetables, raw vegetables.
We go into "off" mode
Done the cell phone that rings at any time of the day! No more transfers to the cybercafe to check his work email! These holidays, you deserved them. It is high time to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of a dynamic woman and opt for a calmer lifestyle. If you can not separate from your phone, filter the calls! Your boss knows that you are on vacation, she can certainly do without you a few days ...

Relax !
Relaxing gymnastics will be your summer ally. The program is simple: a succession of movements of relaxation, relaxation exercises. The websites are teeming with advice of all kinds to relax alone or in a group. If you were already a follower of yoga, continue the practice all summer long. You will be surprised of the result!

We boost his libido!
In the winter, we apologize more for his lack of libido. Work, stress, cold, fatigue ... so many reasons that plague our sexual desires. With the return of good weather, it is time to go ahead and increase his libido. The methods are many: essential oils, naughty games, acupuncture ... To each his own! The next morning, you will enjoy a positive energy that will make you forget all the past worries.
On positive 
Do you think holidays are only synonymous with prolonged idleness? What to walk around, do sport or cycling will tire you even more? You are constantly complaining about the heat, the water that is too cold, the crowd of tourists ... Change your way of thinking! Take advantage of the time you do not have the rest of the year to ... do all the rest of the year. Enjoy the moment. Live day by day, do not plan too many parties at the same time and do not add up the appointments. Your calendar also deserves a holiday!
We start soft medicineyou forget your medicine kit (even after the summer). To forget the chronic fatigue, we swap its sleeping pills against plants such as ginseng (which stimulates the energies), linden or hawthorn to get back to sleep. We start tai chi to feel lighter and homeopathy to fight against mood disorders or sleep.

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