July 12, 2024

Fine hair tips ... I want volume!

Why hair lacks volume?
The reason is simple: the hair is fine! You dream of having thick hair and a real lioness hair mass but your hair looks like ... chopsticks. Whatever you do, they take no form; they always fall and are irresistibly attracted to the bottom! Do not give up.

If the hair can not become thick overnight, it is possible to give it volume and a nice density quickly.
The solution to get out? Give texture, from root to tip, thanks to a hair care adapted.

The 5-step hair care protocol

1-The shampoo

Fine hair, without volume, tends to grease faster than others which makes them often softer ... With a shampoo adapted, you should however find a light hair which will give them more volume.
-Privilege them shampoos soft, which, even in case of frequent washing, will not attack the fine hair and will not make the scalp fat.
-To reboost the hair thoroughly, turn to the shampoos volumizers that are studied to consolidate the hair fiber and give back the matter to fine and soft hair.
-We do not recommend shampoos nutrients that will weigh down your hair and make them lose volume. If you have dry or very dry hair, alternately use a shampoo volumizer and a shampoo for dry hair. They will thus find softness and lightness.

-Shampoo Urban Care 100% Volume-Jean Louis David. Bottle 150 ml. 25? (available in Jean Louis David salons)
Fructis Garnier Restructure Volume Shampoo. 3 ?.

2-The mask
Bet on light and soft textures that give both volume and hold to the hair. So as not to weigh down the mass, let the product lay for 5 minutes maximum on towel-dried hair, and rinse.

-Baume Volumea-René Furterer. 150 ml tube. 14.90?.
-Intensive Hair Mask Volume-The Cosmetic Action. Unidose of 15 ml sold with its serum. 2.50?

3-The care-spray without rinsing
After rinsing and wiping your hair, apply a "special volume" spray from root to tip. He will straighten the hair without weighing it down. The hair immediately gains in vitality and density.

-Spray universal, maintenance-shine-protection, Haute Beauté-Carita. Spray 100ml. 30 ?.
-Self-Rinse Care Volume Active Confidence Professionnelle-Franck Provost. 19.40? (on sale in the Franck Provost salons)

4-The foam
Apply a volumizing foam that you distribute well over the hair with a comb. It will help give hair a boost and prevent it from being electric (a common problem for fine hair).

-Mousse Volumactive Kerastase Resistance (on sale in the salons of hairstyle Chartered)

5-The drying
Dry your hair by keeping your head upside down. They will thus take off from their roots which will give them more volume. The previously applied foam should give good support to the hairstyle. To protect your hair from moisture that may make them soft, lacquer them very lightly as a finishing touch.

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