February 28, 2021

First appointment with the gynecologist

As their daughter becomes a woman, many mothers want her to see the gynecologist for the first time at the beginning of the period. But the girl is not so small and she does not necessarily need her mom to accompany him to the doctor. Some young girls refuse to go there and wish to wait a little longer, no doubt they are worried about having to be examined; others prefer to go anonymously to a family planning center or to the PMI (Mother and Child Protection) center where they are sure that the visit will be outside parental control.

The gynecologist is bound to medical secrecy and you can explain to your daughter that what happens in her office will not come out of the office. Your daughter can go alone and ask her questions related as much to the sexuality, that intimate hygiene or the functioning of his body.

At the first appointment, the gynecologist rarely examines her young patient, unless a medical condition requires it. On the other hand, the gynecologist explains the hygienic conditions to be respected during menstruation, pains during menstruation, infections related to sexual intercourse ... and any topic that your daughter wishes to discuss. The doctor will be interested in her lifestyle, her diet, the childhood diseases she has had and will constitute her medical history.

examination will be done often at the second appointment. If your daughter is a virgin, her hymen will not be affected. If your daughter has ever had sex, a smear will be performed. A first examination is mainly to check the normal constitution of the genital tract using a speculum and a vaginal touch. The gynecologist will perform the test, ensuring that your daughter is as relaxed as possible. If your daughter wants to take the pill, a blood test will probably be required to do a hormonal research to determine which will be the most suitable.
Our advice
It is advisable to visit the gynecologist once a year to detect any emerging pathology as soon as possible. For a teenager, it is mostly an informative visit to her body, the sexuality, the contraception and hygiene rules.

What to expect at your first OB/GYN visit - Katie Sekpe, MD - CHI Health (February 2021)