June 23, 2024

First cold: I keep the shape

The temperatures that border zero, it's not your thing ... It must be said that in your experience, winter often rhymes with fatigue, cold and blues of all kinds. More reason to protect yourself!

The shape is in the plate

It's not because it's chilly outside that you have to compensate once you get home! The dishes in sauce, granny's recipes full of fat and rich foods, so-called "good for morale" sweets, hot chocolates with their little cloud of cream at any time: c is no! In winter, we tend to eat more, hence the importance of eating balanced!

Start with the most important meal of the day: breakfast. It will help you face the cold early morning and start the day. Cereals, toast or even boiled egg and slice of ham: it's up to you. But no excuse that holds: we do not skip breakfast!

A good way to eat fruits and vegetables when it's cold: compotes and soups, if possible homemade. Hot, rich in nutrients and vitamins and poor in caloriesyou can consume them without moderation!

Fill up on iron and energy with protein! Meat two to three times a week, the same goes for the fish, not to mention the two weekly eggs. The ideal: 100 grams of protein per meal. Are you on a diet? Choose white meat (chicken, turkey, etc.), low in calories.

Do you love starchy foods? Pasta, rice, bread: hard to get by. It's good, nothing requires you! You can eat starchy foods at any meal, but in small quantities! Do you like to eat a big plate of pasta once in a while? In this case, the next day, avoid starchy foods during a meal, to restore balance.

Watch out for the effects of caffeine ... When it's cold, all means are good to warm up. Five, seven, or even ten coffees a day: beware of excess! They can lead to discomforts, insomnia, digestive disorders, tremors, etc. Three cups a day is the limit!

The shape is under the duvet

Eight hours sleep per night: it's the ideal. They are essential to your physical and mental fitness, since they allow your body to draw strength for the day to come by evacuating tension and fatigue. In winter, the cold attacks you and the days get shorter: more reasons not to watch too late! Try to go to bed a little earlier than in summer. The hours of sleep before midnight sleep twice as restorative as the others, know how to take advantage of it!

Follow the seven golden rules to avoid insomnia and restless nights. Spend enough during the day. Dine light. Fall asleep in the dark (total darkness). Sleep in a good bed: do not hesitate to change mattresses if necessary. Do not abuse heating: a room that is too hot may affect your sleep. Rather than watching TV in bed, choose a good book to relax. Finally, rule essential: avoid alcohol and caffeine just before going to bed.

The shape is at the autumn / winter radius

Cover before the arrival of temperatures below ten degrees! Do not wait to be stunned by a big cold to take out your winter wardrobe. And who says winter does not necessarily mean Inuit look! Stay sexy, fashion is possible even when it's cold. Being in his sneakers (or boots) is important!

These are accessories, but they are essential: scarf, gloves, hats, polar socks, have fun! Do not forget rain gear: avoid going out in pumps, skirt and short coat when it rains in torrents ... Are you soaked and cold? No time to say "phew": the cold is here ! Be vigilant! The red nose, the flowing eyes and the puffy face: we have already seen more glamor ...

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