December 1, 2021

First school year: 5 ideas to take it on the right side

Many discoveries
Collages, stories, recreation, siestas ... In kindergarten, the program is well loaded and lays the foundation for learning tomorrow. Your child In turn, discover new disciplines, learn life in community and respect for the rules. What will make him the adult he will be in a few years. That should excite you, not worry.

Friends for life
Where did you meet your best friend? In the sandbox of the kindergarten ... For your child so now is the time to make new friends. Friendships that may last a lifetime. Your toddler is a lonely natural? Do not worry. He will be able to make new friends, whatever his temperament.

Time for you
For the moms who work and who are used to leaving their little nanny home, the return to kindergarten does not involve a big change. However, if you have kept your toddler for more than 2 years, the return may leave a vacuum. Instead of living this stage as a victim, enjoy! You will finally be able to resume your activities, lunch more often between girlfriends ... Moreover, why not get started fully in your passion for decorating or creating jewelry? It's time to make a new start.

The time for good resolutions
Your toddler goes to kindergarten, and you, what are you going to do again this year? The month of September is often a January 1st before the hour. Set your good resolutions for this school year. And try to stick to it. Put yourself to the sport, take care of yourself, pamper your couple ...

Gradually, your child learns to fly on his own. But in kindergarten, your little one is in great need of you. Join him to accompany him in his learning of life and school, while giving him moments of freedom to grow and overcome. So it's not because you see yourself less than he will forget you. Do not worry, one mum still occupies a special place in the heart of its children. And this, even when they are adults.

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