April 17, 2024

First visit to the museum: the boom of workshops for children

If children are not the main recipients of art exhibitions, on the other hand, there are places where they are kings in museums: workshops. In recent years, rich programs put their collections within reach of the youngest.
Most of the time, the actual workshop is preceded by a visit of the museum, around a specific theme. Following this phase of observation and explanations, the participants will design their own work. By giving them a goal, they are helped to get involved in the discovery of the different rooms.

The workshops help children become informed viewers, while developing their creative talents. Molding, drawing, engraving, photo .... As many techniques they can learn, while refining their education and their culture, depending on the museum you choose.
Do not forget the museums dedicated to science, such as the Arts et Métiers, in Paris, for children who would like to understand how cinema works or who are interested in the history of trains.
The workshops last on average two hours, for a rate of 6 to 15? per child. In general, you have to reserve your place. Calendars are available on museum websites. And if your child becomes a true fan of museums, know that he may even be able to celebrate his birthday!

Interactive children's museum fun place for learning (April 2024)