October 27, 2021

First visit to the museum: the golden rules of a successful visit with children

Reasonable goals
No, you will not be able to see in a day all the masterpieces of the Louvre. Who says marathon program says zapping ... and in the end, the children, relieved to go home, are determined not to return to a museum! It does not matter if you stop in front of a dozen paintings: the bottom line is that your children are interested! Allow an hour / hour and a half for a journey with children from six to ten years old.
Avoid scholarly speeches
Do not put the role of the teacher once past the door of the museum! "The visit family should not look like a school outing", says Christian Gros, head of the cultural action of the Carnavalet museum.This is to share a moment of complicity around new discoveries.Rather than read to your children the pages of your guide, encourage them for example to search with you for information on cartels ...
Solicit your children
"Children are often impressed by the size of a work,
notes Rosa Djaoud, in charge of the programming of the visits for the young public to the museum of Orsay. Help them to observe the details that escape them at first. Sit in front of the board and let the questions come! Who painted it? What does this tell? These are simple elements that arouse their curiosity. It is through these games of observation that they will sharpen their eyes, imperceptibly ...

Five Tips For A Successful Field Trip | NO SMALL MATTER a film about early childhood education (October 2021)