November 28, 2022

Fish and chips becomes very chic!

You may have memories of chubby fish and chips soaking the paper so much that your enjoyment of eating this British fast food dish was getting less. Good news, the fish and chips becomes ultra chic thanks to the restaurant Dessirier, the restaurant of Pisces Rostang Fathers & Daughters located at the Place du Maréchal Juin, in Paris.
Presented in a crisp black bread with cuttlefish ink, the Fish & Chic (36?) Consists of an assortment of lobster, sole, bar and langoustine bites, coated with a tempura-style breadcrumb enjoy with fingertips. Fish & Chic is served with crispy potatoes and panisse fries, a specialty made from chickpea flour. The crisp black bread with squid ink is also to be enjoyed. Finally, to stick to the recipe original, the whole is embellished with a mousseline of peas and a mint sauce and coriander. So chic!
At home, how to do? You can respect the recipe traditional (cod fried golden brown fries) and add a touch of exoticism to the tartar sauce: a little lime juice, grated fresh ginger, lemongrass, some thai basil leaves and voila! You can also add sesame seeds in the mixture of flour, yeast and water (the mixture in which you dip the fillets of fish before cooking). Think about vegetables with curry fries with curry! And if you want a fish and chips even more light, try baking!
Dessirier, 9th place Marshal Juin, 75017 Paris. 01 42 27 82 14

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