March 1, 2021

Flee me I follow you, follow me I flee you: why it works

You follow him / he flees you ...
Since you met him, you are on a small cloud. The only problem is that - despite your little flirt - the Jules you covet does not give you news. Zero. But he's so sexy, so interesting that you're already a little in love ... And if he was a little bit, too? How to know? So you think a thousand times about the rare moments spent together.

You analyze everything, absolutely everything, to find the slightest detail that proves that it's crunching for you! He smashed your foot in passing? It was to get your attention, obviously ... He dredge your girlfriend, Monica Belluci's double, is to make you jealous, no doubt ... He forgot your name? It is to better hide that it burnslove for you.

And while you make your little film, it still does not give signs of life. But he surely has very good excuses, do you think: too much work, his grandmother, the death of his hamster, the flu A ...
Nothing changes but you want more!
Still without news of him, you make the big jump: you decide to call him. And there, oh misery, answering machine, he does not remember ... But why ?! Little by little, you think only of him. You are convinced that he wants you, in spite of everything. From there, you go to the obsession phase!

Some signs that show you're right in:
-You look at your phone ten times a day for fear of missing a call or a message, even if the ring is at maximum. Of course, you check frantically if you have network, because it could call pile at that time.
-His Facebook page has no secrets for you! You spy his wall, hour by hour, and imagine that he makes allusions to you in his statutes. It's very indirect but you really believe it.
-You talk about him all the time to your girlfriends. For a yes, for a no. They can not do any more of you anyway. But you do not even realize that you have become a real unbearable neurotic!
As for whoever is chasing you, then ...
No way to hear about it! Yet he calls you. But you do not pick up. Too afraid to miss your pseudo-Jules in double call. The day he put you a rabbit, Jules precisely, he was there the pot of glue to comfort you. You sent it on roses, without turning around. He finds you beautiful, smart, it flatters your ego but it revels you. It's physical. The more he runs after you, the more you hate him ...
Until the day you finally open your eyes
Too much running, you start to get tired. The confrontation with Jules has become indispensable.
And this is where you discover that you are not on the same wavelength. It hurts reality, sometimes. He, who had already forgotten you, takes you for a crazy half and turns on your heels. Definitely, this time. Fortunately, he remains the ugly duckling who has been chasing you for months. He's not so bad at heart, and at least he's really interested in you! You decide to leave your ego aside. You call him but he is the one who runs away from you. And it's gone for a ride.
The secret to get out?
LU-CI-DI-TE! Easier to say than to do when you're in love. Yet this is the only way not to fall into the panel of "Flee me I follow you, follow me I flee". It's very simple, if after a week, a boy does not give you sign of life. Either it's a phobic commitment, or he just will not remember you because you're not interested enough. And that's all. So forget it, you deserve so much better!

As for the one who is constantly courting you, take the time to know him without making him go crazy. Yes, it's not Brad Pitt, but he wants you, so give him a chance, just for that.

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