January 16, 2022

Focus on ovulation tests

The operation of ovulation tests

Ovulation tests are based on the search for luteinizing hormone (LH), which is more concentrated in the body as ovulation approaches. They can be used by all women wanting to make a child to put all the chances on their side. Thanks to a urine test carried out about five days before the expected date of ovulation, it is possible to facilitate the future pregnancy.

How to use an ovulation test?

In order to know the date of ovulation in advance, it is necessary to start performing urinary tests five days before the supposed date of ovulation. The test can be performed from the seventh day after the beginning of the rules for a short cycle, the fourteenth day for an average cycle and the twenty-first day for a long cycle. Just soak the ovulation test for a minute in your urine, and wait about 15 minutes to get a reliable result. If the two black bands appear, it is that the date of your ovulation is announced, so you can try now, and up to three days after the alleged ovulation, to fall pregnant.

What reliability for ovulation tests?

With the example of the tests of pregnancy, ovulation tests are reliable at more than 99%, so no stress, you can trust him. If you want to be more effective, take the test between 10 am and 12 pm, the urine is more concentrated in LH hormone at this time of day. If the ovulation test facilitates the eventual pregnanciesHowever, nothing prevents you from making attempts as soon as you feel like it, the cycles are not always precise!

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