February 29, 2024

Foie gras on gingerbread and apricot coulis

No need to spend money to offer a Entrance tasty and festive! Picard offers duets of foie gras on gingerbread and groutapricot. Beautifully presented, these little input are a real treat!

Two duos foie gras duck gingerbread, groutapricot. A recipe foie gras revisited by Picard, it takes the form here of a Entrance individual, graphic and elegant. On a slice of gingerbread rests a tasty foie gras whole duck topped with dried fruit chips. All decorated with a dash of groutapricot. This harmony of salty-sweet flavors is proposed on a nice ceramic tray. An immediate effect to set the tone for an exceptional meal.

Thawing for 3 hours in the refrigerator
Price: 2 pairs of foie gras, 70 g, 6? 95

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