June 23, 2024

Follies of love, the collection of erotic texts of the autumn

You will be fascinated by the collection of fantasies Folies d 'love... Erotic literature has a turning point thanks to this anthology of the overflowing human imagination. The texts gathered in this edition at I read have all been rejected at a given moment because they revealed deviant aspects, out of the norms of sexuality.

GĂ©raldine Zwang has carefully preserved these texts, which now draw the portrait of the most hidden fantasies of the French. Without any taboo, with a total freedom of tone and very spontaneous, these people expose their sexual imaginary, to their most unspeakable secrets.

These texts are instructive, not by the literary style, but by what they reveal about the sexual personality of the French. The practices that intrigue them, frighten them while attracting them, sometimes the darkest impulses ... The whole depth of the human soul is highlighted in this book. Released on September 10th.

Follies oflove, Anthology of forbidden erotics, I read, 3.70?

Website: www.jailu.com

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