September 25, 2021

Fondant with zucchini, carrot cake ... Dare vegetables in desserts!

Eat five fruits and vegetables per day ? This nutritional advice can be easily adopted if we include vegetables in the desserts. Indeed, they can easily substitute for butter or oil in the recipes, or even become the main ingredient of your sweet dishes.

Sweet salty until the end

Everyone knows the cake at the carrot but it is possible to imagine many other agreements vegetables and desserts, such as chocolate and zucchini. Also imagine a panna cotta with avocado and raspberries or apple and pumpkin tartlets. A lot of vegetables are sweet and contain fibers that give a creamy texture, without having too much taste. Indeed, vegetables are full of water and fiber, vitamins and minerals. They bring the same benefits as fruits. Some also improve the consistency of breads, giving them lightness and softness. And other good news, they are good for health because they also limit the blood sugar level.

The star vegetables

- The zucchini goes very well with chocolate In a cake, she brings a lot of mellowness. So, we put less fat.


- The carrot is naturally very sweet. The moisture it contains also makes the cakes very melting. The cake carrot comes in coconut, almonds, semolina. In addition, it is easy to cook because it is enough to grate it in the preparations. It goes very well with cinnamon, ginger, cream cheese, citrus fruits or apricots.

- Thebeets are often recommended in brownies, It should always be used raw and just grate a few pieces in a muffin preparation for example. It goes very well with chocolate, red fruits, honey, lime, all with a little whipped cream.
Fennel has an aniseed taste that can be raised with honey. Try the fennel sorbet, it's excellent.

- Pumpkin and sweet potato are known to be appreciated in pie, cake or jam. You can also make light creams with ricotta and sugar. Perfume them with vanilla.

- Finish your market with eggplant or pepper that you can cook in donuts, gazpachos and confits. Let your guests guess the secret ingredient!

مطبخ منال العالم Recettes Manal Al Alem (September 2021)