June 9, 2023

Food diversification, the benefits of the first baby soups

6 months, the 1st step
"Very often, well before the six months, baby calls for something other than milk, "commented Martine Le Conte, pediatrician in Paris. In fact, diversification normally starts from 6 months, when the caloric intake of milk is no longer sufficient to cover the needs of baby. "So we can start introducing vegetables or fruits in the form of soups, or compotes from 4 or 5 months, but not before, "advises the pediatrician.

Taste discoveries
New smells, colors or even textures, the introduction of different foods into the menus of your child will be for him a great discovery! In order not to rush it, "it is better to make him taste a food a week to get him used to it gently," says Dr. Le Conte. It is from this stage that his tastes will evolve and become fixed, as much put the entire palette on your side to avoid he later refuses any green vegetable! The flora of his little stomach must also acclimatize to these foods ...

On the road to growth
Useful and necessary for the growth of your child, this step allows to bring to the body more caloric foods than the milk, to cover its needs: indeed, between its birth and 3 years, your child will double in size and multiply its weight by 4. What to make dizzy! To ensure the best growth possible, food diversification is essential. Vitamins, fiber, protein or mineral salts, the first soups of baby ensure and supplement the milk (maternal or not) up to 3 years.

All sweet for the stomach
" If your baby has trouble digesting milk, he will most certainly be relieved by the introduction of soups vegetables or fruits in his diet, "notes the pediatrician. Although its digestive system is not yet fully developed, the intake of fiber and easily digestible foods will soothe baby after his bottle and xxxx.
If in doubt, ask your doctor for advice. You can also consult the INES website dedicated to food: //

Feeding Babies: Starting Solid Foods | Kaiser Permanente (June 2023)