August 14, 2022

Food: "The most important thing is that the child tastes"

What is the ideal age to start dietary diversification?
If the mother is breastfeeding, the child is used to the tastes and different flavors of the milk which changes according to what she eats. If it gives baby bottles, the milk always has the same taste. It will then be necessary to stimulate the child more.
You have to start dietary diversification when the milk is no longer sufficient, either towards 4th months, with fruits and vegetables, passing a piece of carrots on the lips for example.
How to proceed?
Diversification is done on a meal that does not matter too much: the snack, because the child is more available. Each time, I taste a food: a fruit as often as possible. I cut an apple in half, scratch the inside and give it to him. And I complete with feeding. If he regales, I decrease baby bottle. But I always keep feeding in the morning and evening because they are reassuring.
Around 4 months, if the baby wakes up in the middle of the night, it is because the milk is not consistent enough and is hungry. In this case, I introduce a flour based on a single cereal into its baby bottle evening. The best is the cream of rice because it is very easy to digest.
What is the golden rule for diversification?
The child has very fragile intestines. We must introduce food one by one and check that it accepts them well in the stool and skin. I start with the carrot. If I see that it is well accepted, I make a puree of carrots and zucchini ... We must not burn the steps. Diversification is done over one year. In the evening and in the morning, I always keep feeding.
What are the different periods of eating?
From 5 to 18 months, the baby does not stand out from his parents. He grows up a lot and is often hungry. If you give him a spoon and open your mouth, he will open his mouth.
From 18 months, he realizes that there are parents and him. He also knows that he likes sweetness but other flavors, we will have to learn them.
How will he learn?
The child will then consider the parents. If the parents feast while eating salad, he will want to taste. This is an important first step. For each food, it will be necessary that the child is appropriate. The human being has the capacity to love everything. Sometimes adults think that if he does not like it once, he'll never like it, it's not true. It depends on how it's cooked. And then, it does not matter if the child does not like, the most important thing is that he tastes.
Do you have any tips for making everything eat to a child?
The teenager sometimes wants to stand out from his parents and his family if everyone likes green beans for example. Tomato sauce, sunflower seeds can be put on the table and each one is seasoned in its own way. When he is older, you can ask him what he is doing as a meal for the whole family. And he must be balanced. We must not be discouraged, we sometimes have moments of genius to eat a dish to his child.

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