June 23, 2024

Food to have the fishing this winter

It is sometimes difficult to combine work, family life while consuming vitamin foods adapted to our needs. Too often, our food balance is neglected in favor of already cooked dishes ... The consequences can be harmful to our body and deficiencies can appear. But there are anti-fatigue foods to keep and regain a good look and tone!

Starchy foods, contained in pasta, bread, rice, cereals, pulses, are to be consumed every day, because they constitute the main energy reserve of our organism. These vitaminized foods are called "slow sugars" because they contain fiber, minerals and especially carbohydrates that are essential for the proper functioning of the brain and body.

To help you keep fit, fruits are an ally of your vitality and your silhouette. Rich in vitamins, they are adapted to physical activity and intellectual effort. Vitamin C, contained in oranges, is essential because it stimulates our immune system. The same is true for kiwi, apricot, strawberries, which are vitamin foods of first choice.

Dairy products, other vitaminized foods, are to be consumed every day. Thanks to their protein and calcium intake, they limit the risk of bone damage (fractures) and prevent osteoporosis.

Meat and fish are foods rich in vitamin B12, which promotes memory. They contain proteins and iron. Eating meat or fish every day is essential to our well-being.

Even though water is not really a vitamin food, it is an essential fuel for our body and its consumption must be daily (1 liter of water). Water irrigates all of our cells and promotes the elimination of waste.
Our advice
In the event of a pump stroke during the day, opt for dried fruits, these foods contain five times more vitamins than their fresh equivalents.

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