May 23, 2022

Foods that contain the most magnesium

A magnesium deficiency results in a big tiredness, fragile and brittle hair and nails, disorders of the concentration, a certain irritability and sometimes a depressive state ... The pregnant women must double their magnesium intake during their pregnancy, for normal growth of the fetus.
Green vegetables and whole grains are foods rich in magnesium. They allow to be in shape all the day and to avoid the blows of pump.

Dry fruits of the type (almonds, hazelnuts, prunes ...) and dried vegetables (lentils, split peas, white beans)
provide the body with a balanced contribution.

The crustaceans
also contain, if you are followers of seaweed, their magnesium content beats all records.

Similarly, whole rice, spinach are very rich
in magnesium. For example, a plate of 200 g spinach allows you to recharge your batteries for the whole day. Some fruits such as bananas abound, which explains why athletes consume them during their physical performance.

A bar of 30 g of dark chocolate
, also allows you to regain the tone in case of pump stroke during the day.
Our advice
Mineral water helps prevent magnesium deficiency. Some waters on the market are known for their high concentration of minerals (Hepar, Donat Mg, Contrex ...). You can consume them in cure, otherwise, food supplements are available in pharmacy to find a balance.

Top 10 magnesium rich foods that you should include in your diet. (May 2022)