June 23, 2024

For a tan that lasts: what to do during the exhibition

Have a Sun tanning that lasts, a beautiful Sun tanning golden, of a beautiful intensity, it is also knowing how to protect your skin well so as not to turn tomato color from the first day. Also, do not hesitate to start your exposure to the sun by painting a total screen or a Solar cream protection 50 depending on your skin type and the place of exposure. If you are going to tropical destinations, go for the maximum. The principle is to reduce the protection depending on the reaction of your skin. Also, if your skin tends to burn more than tan, stay with maximum protection all summer long. For less sensitive skin, you can gradually lower the sun protection. However, it remains essential for all skin types. It is important to preserve your skin against premature aging, but also against any form of disease, such as cancer.

Aggressive, dry, your skin will need hydration throughout your vacation. Also, if we must not forget the stage of Solar creamdo not forget sun creams too. They calm small burns and moisturize the skin to allow it to regenerate and stay soft. True cream against crocodile skin, they offer in addition today a little more significant. It's a small dose ofspray tan which allows to perfect the Sun tanning and extend it. If you have not bought after-sun cream, your usual cream may be fine, as long as it is dosed after each exposure.

Remember to scrub your skin, even on vacation. of the scrubs Regular ones make it possible to get rid of dead skin and to display a beautiful and luminous skin. No need to make scrubs every day on the contrary but a scrub per week should allow you to have a better Sun tanning which will last longer. Avoid too much pressure on your skin when scrub. Some gentle and regular gestures will suffice. No need to snap your skin!

Dorothea Tanning at Tate Modern | Exhibitions | Showcase (June 2024)