June 9, 2023

For Christmas, enjoy the book "Wine & Love"

Wine and winelove are two concepts for which we are known in France. And the beautiful book Wine & TheLove Philippe Brenot, available December 4, summarizes this proximity of the two concepts. Why wine and winelove are they so close? Why are they often accomplices in intimacy? Why do they have so much in common?

This is what explains the author, Philippe Brenot, psychiatrist and writer. Also director of teaching at the University Paris Descartes, this author has already published several very informative books such as The words of sex, Praise of masturbation, Invent the couple or Sex and thelove.

Wine & TheLove is the Christmas gift ideal to sharpen your curiosity about the links that unite literature, sex and feelings lover. The author is convinced of it himself, we must live the delights of the flesh! It exposes us the common points between the discovery of a wine, the tasting, the observation, and the seduction, the first time, the love at first sight, the ways of speaking oflove, the desire, the pleasure that provoke these two carnal elements.

Illustrated with beautiful engravings, paintings and desins, this beautiful book highlights all the sensations engendered by wine and wine.love.

Wine & TheLove
Philippe Brenot
Editions Féret
160 pages
49 ?
Released December 4th

We Wish You A Merry Christmas On A Wine Glass (June 2023)