October 27, 2021

For him, I became a mother at 42

"I did not have a very happy childhood. My father died when I was very young and my mother did what she could to lift me and my sister. Everything was a struggle: my mother was depressed, money was missing, the school did not suit me, I was doing a lot of nonsense to test my limits. At thirteen or fourteen already, I swore to myself that I would never have my mother's life family was not an option.

At 18, I left to live my life, somehow. I found a job, left my family and made a cross on this existence which did not make me happy. I have changed jobs many times without really finding my way. The same thing for men: I usually came across unsavory people, who always ended up putting me in even more trouble financially and emotionally. This situation lasted about 20 years, until I met Patrice.

He gave me a taste for life. I was 39 when we met. He, freshly divorced and father of two children, me, a little paumée and at the end of the roll. He took care of me, taught me to love, give and receive wisely. We got married after a year and a half, I was 40 years old. We debated making a child, little by little he was able to convince me. I did not have time to wait, it was now or never. Destiny has surely passed by, since I was very quickly pregnant ...

At 42, I gave birth to the most beautiful Victory. His name was not chosen at random ... Rather than let me flee maternity and all the anxieties that it gave birth to in me, Patrice was able to rebuild me and to persuade me that a child was only love and happiness. Today, my mother is no longer there, but I want her to see what I've done, and finally she's smiling ... "


#InspiringStories: Single Mom at 21 Who Became RMT at 42! (October 2021)