June 10, 2023

For nine months, opt for hair removal!

Under the effect of hormones, the hair system varies. Unfortunately, we are not all in the same boat. If some see their hair grow back more slowly, others on the contrary see dying here and there, hair that did not exist before. Luckily, nature is well done and even the pregnant woman can wax.
Which hair removal to choose?
For simplicity, opt for the razor. However, be careful of your skin. With the pregnancyit is more fragile and above all more sensitive. Moisturize it well before and after hair removal. If you prefer creams, no problem. If you want to try a new one, try it beforehand to avoid any risk of allergy. As for the electric epilator, rest assured, despite its vibrations, it is safe for baby.
And for those who find that wax is still the best solution, know that even if your belly is prominent, you can go to institute until the end of your pregnancy. However, ask the beautician to lower the temperature of the wax so that it is lukewarm. Indeed, its heat could favor venous disorders. The best is to wax you with cold wax.
What about the laser?
A priori, his sessions are not contraindicated. However, in the absence of clinical studies, it is better to avoid at least until the end of breastfeeding.
Pregnant, so prefer the method that suits you best and puts you at ease. After all, hair removal should be considered a relaxing and well-being break.

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