October 4, 2023

For or against the Power-Plate

Recall of the principle
The platform Power Plate was designed for Russian cosmonauts to recover faster on their return to earth. The objectives of this machine: to reinforce muscles in depth and sculpt the silhouette without any real effort thanks to the vibrations emitted by it. Each exercise lasts between 30, 45 or 60 seconds with different degrees of vibration.
Chronic migraines, high blood pressure, back problems, venous, pregnancy, wearing an IUD for less than two months, advanced diabetes ... This list is not exhaustive. It is therefore best to seek the advice of a health professional before registering for a center. Be aware that any serious center must have you complete a medical questionnaire and if necessary, will ask for a certificate of aptitude from your doctor.
The opinion of Renaud Roussel, coach
As a coach, Renaud was interested in Power Plate as soon as this machine arrives in France. He tested it and gives us his impressions.

"In my eyes, it's a pure marketing product, we sell dreams to people. I want to describe this activity as: lazy gym. It is also a way of giving oneself a good conscience. In fact, it confines a person to a sedentary lifestyle. She goes from her office or home to a machine. The body is made to move, to sweat, gold, on a Power Plate it is not so. Under the pretext of having a few aches after a session, we think we have done some sport. But who would not have it by staying frozen in the same position for a given time?
The Power Plate is not a source of any cardiorespiratory and cardio-circulatory stimulation. It does not appeal to the activity and it does not help to get rid of the negative energy, any more than losing a few extra pounds or cellulite.
I would also warn against poorly controlled vibrations, a source of back and neck pain ... and against centers where teachers are barely trained.
The only positive asset that I would find this device would be for a high level athlete in rehabilitation who can not do a dynamic activity. And again, it must be done well by a competent person. "
The opinion of Dr. Philippe Le Van, sports doctor at INSEP
This doctor from sport, who works at the National Institute of Physical Education is neither for nor against.

"This is not especially a bad technique, but it requires to be well used and well transmitted, otherwise it can be dangerous for the body (back, cervical ...).
Vibrations stimulate muscles that contract to fit the required position. But that will never replace a sport especially at the cardiac level. The heart is a muscular that it is essential to work like any other muscular.
We use a Power Plate at INSEP for some top athletes in addition to a sporting activity. But this is not a practice I would recommend because nothing beats a sport dynamic. "
The opinion of Mousse, gym teacher at the center of Power plate "Body allure" in Paris in the 11th
Mousse is a teacher of sport, a state graduate for 12 years and coach in a training center Power Plate For 3 years. He received training to understand this machine.
" The Power Plate is not a sport strictly speaking, it is a physical activity, a good complement to the practice of another sport. It is also for some people a way to recover slowly without ending up lost in a huge room, but in a small space and well framed.
The shorts last half an hour and are by appointment. It's motivating for the person because she knows she will have a coach with her to watch her during the whole session. There is no question of leaving it alone on the machine, it is imperative to adopt the correct positioning in each exercise so as not to hurt yourself. Vibrations accentuate the contraction of muscles and makes the work more intense. For me, a half hour session equals 1 ½ hours of gym. We transpose traditional gym exercises on the machine. But I really advise to practice in parallel a sport which stimulates the cardiac activity. The heart remains the first muscular of the body to maintain.
Regularity is important as well as good food hygiene. At first, you find muscular sensations, then you see results after a dozen sessions. It all depends on your sporting past. "

Florence, 35, takes Power Plate classes for two months
"After trying different sports and having never managed to be regular, my last" whim "of city was to test the power plate. The program on paper (magazines and the net!) Seemed tantalizing: half an hour on the machine = 1 h 30 of sport traditional.
I try and after my first session, first body aches ... Hum! Hum !!! Interesting ... I persevere and here I am a few sessions later to discover muscles hitherto totally unknown ... Since I am, for example, able to do about twenty pumps, whereas before I thought it was only a tool to inflate the tires vélib '!!!
The most incredible thing is that my Power Plate session is not enough anymore ... I need and want to practice a cardio activity next door. As far as I'm concerned, I walk a minimum of 3 hours a week.
Thanks to the Power Plate:
My body is happy because for a half hour, I still do the traditional gym movements.
My conscience is happy: it's better than nothing and half an hour in a schedule ... it's easier
My ego is happy: I have a teacher for me and nothing for me ... So chic!
Only my wallet is a little headache !!!! "

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