June 2, 2020

For ultra-smooth hair

Smoothing or permanent glazing at the hairdresser
To obtain a lasting stiffness, avoid the straightening with soda, practiced in certain salons, dangerous and harmful for the hair.
From now on, several very effective methods exist, based on a fairly equivalent principle.
First, relax the fiber with a smoothing care, heat between plates to print the shape and fix it with another product. The last step is to make a brushing that closes well all.

- Among these techniques, X-Tenso Cera-Thermic by L'Oréal Professionnel is a care enriched with reconstituting ceramides that gives much better results than the classic X-tenso treatment. It takes 4 hours at an authorized hairdresser, and especially to pay between 300 and 600? depending on its nature and length of hair.

- Same promise at Massato who proposes the Japanese permanent smoothing based on silk proteins. Again, to come out with hair stiff and silky like chopsticks, it will take at least 350?

- In the living room Rino De Nicolo, the reputation of Asian style frosting is such that some customers come from the province on purpose to finish with their curls and their curls.
"We can achieve this spectacular result thanks to a molecule that opens the hair chain without damaging it and makes it more silky," explains Rino De Nicolo, "We have adapted this product from Japan to hair European. "
Composed of silk, essential oils and creatine, it offers a magnificent result on all the hair, except the méchés.
To achieve this care, it takes between 4 and 6 hours, from 422? (the price varies according to the curl and the length of the hair.). An interview every six months is enough on the part near the roots.


After a permanent icing

- Salon Massato: 5, rue Robert-Estienne, 75008 Paris. Such. : 01 56 59 01 01.
- Salon Rino De Nicolo: 7, rue de Ponthieu, 75008 Paris. Such. : 01 42 25 23 97.

Care that relaxes
Day cream to discipline frizz with serum to stiffen hair at drying, the smoothing products have improved a lot in recent years. Here are the novelties:

- Milk Brushing ExpressHydra-Liss Fructis Garnier
with micro-waxes of fortifying fruits. Applies on hair wrung out before blow-drying.

- Stretch Liss line by Jean-Louis David composed of a shampoo and a conditioner smoothing enriched formulas of the system "Easy-Stetch" based on vegetable oils and cationic agents.

- Simply Smooth Brilliant Brunette by John Frieda, a silky balm for the brunettes, which revives the reflections and saturates the hair.

- Smooth Smoothing Cream-Perfect Elsève Stylist from L'Oréal Paris, a formula composed of nutritive micro-oils that nourish deeply and gain on the surface.

- Anti-Frizz Serum Magic Gloss Osis + Schwarzkopf Professional, a gloss that overcomes frizz. On sale at the hairdressers.

The straighteners
There are at all prices, but straighteners high-end have the advantage of drying and smoothing without damaging the hair and last longer.

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