June 5, 2020

Four-quarter lollipops

                                                             Four-quarter lollipops

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Drying time: 15 minutes

For a dozen lollipops:
- 1 Four-Quarter pure butter Ker Cadélac
50 cl of chocolate topping liquid
- 1 bag of praline
- 1 packet of pruned green pistachios
- Sesame seeds, poppy ...
- Nice peaks

- Cut thick slices of four-quarters (about 3 cm) and using a cookie cutter or a knife, cut large regular squares
- Dip the four-quarter cubes Ker Cadélac in the chocolate for topping
- Stitch the coated pieces of chocolate with a spike, then sprinkle with poppy, sesame, crushed pistachios or praline
- Let the lollipops dry on a plate, head down, so that the chocolate harden a little

The trick in addition to: Vary the pleasures and decline these lollipops with a coating chocolate white, milk or even with caramel that you can sprinkle with nuggets of chocolate...

Teenager in Love - Lollipop - Earth Angel - Sh-boom! (June 2020)