April 17, 2024

Franck Provost: discover the new color dedicated to brown hair

New for the brown hair
Bland, dull, sad ... When women with hair browns speak of their color, adjectives are rarely very positive. And for good reason, of all the existing colors, the chestnuts are those which are the least pleasant to women. An aversion that one often owes to the lack of reflections which the chestnut suffers.
In order not to fix the problem, colorations chestnut are particularly difficult to achieve if you want a uniform color, but retains all the reflections it needs to be pretty.
It is on these findings that the research teams of hairdresser stars Franck Provost have based to develop their new range of coloring House : Coloring Sponge. Available in 4 shades (light brown chestnut, golden brown chocolate, mahogany intense light and copper mahogany), it adapts to all shades of natural chestnut, to which it offers beautiful contrasts.

An easy application
Halfway between the coloring your tone and the coloring permanent, the formula of the range Coloring Sponge contains enough pigments to celebrate hair white without problem. And since it does not contain ammonia, the smell is very pleasant. Of course, we like.
In addition to the subtlety of the colors proposed, the big plus of this new range is in its application technique, directly inspired by Franck Provost salons. The hairdressers apply their colorations with a beveled sponge. It spreads the material evenly over the entire length because it acts as a reservoir that deposits the product gradually. The gesture of application itself is also more precise: the beveled face is ideal for covering the roots, while the rectangular face is used to cover the lengths. All without risking that the product runs and stains the skin. Pro gestures that allow us to obtain a double reflection result in a very simple way and in record time.
Coloring Sponge, Franck Provost, 6.49 euros (available in large areas in 4 shades).

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