April 10, 2021

From 5 years, the first sports "like the big ones"

Between 5 and 10 years old, it is well known, your blonde head are more changing. Let them touch everyone sports according to their inspirations can help them to determine themselves. And to find out if the sport he really likes nothing better than initiation. Clubs often offer them from the age of 5/6 years, and this in many sports. Here are some examples.

It is possible to register your child from 5/6 years in a club for a year of rhythm initiation. And if he likes dancing, he can start learning the basics the next year. Dance is recommended for all children who have back problems or who are struggling. It is indeed an excellent maintenance school, perfect to tone the back or help straighten the spine in case of scoliosis start. It also improves flexibility and sense of rhythm.

Basketball and football
These two sports learn from the age of six. These ball games teach children to control their sense of coordination and skill, as it involves passing passes to their classmates and sending the ball to a specific spot. Not to mention the team spirit and sense of fairplay that the child discovers while playing.


An initiation can be done from 5 years old and, towards 7 years old, one can envisage a more technical apprenticeship. Thanks to the tennis, the child will develop his address, improve his coordination and his tactical sense. At a time sport team and sport Tennis is a good medium term for reserved children, who are not attracted by sports collective. Attention: this sport requires a lot of concentration. Children who are too active may therefore "drop out" fairly quickly. It is better to direct them to basketball or football, sports where they will really be able to spend themselves and who require less personal investment.

Combat sports
Judo, karate ... The sports fighting are perfect for channeling the energy of brawling children or those with energy to spare. Initiations are often offered from the age of six for these two sports.

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