July 12, 2024

From Marks & Spencer to KARL: the new Masstige effect that hits the mark

Contraction of "mass market" and "prestige", the "masstige" brings together everything a fashionista loves: luxury pieces and soft prices. If this concept is primarily the association between a large brand and a designer the time of a capsule collection, it has now expanded to the creation of claws stamped masstige. In France, there are several brands playing on quality at affordable prices.

The opening of Forever 21, the relocation of Marks & Spencer, the creation of COS the little sister with clean lines of H & M, from Banana Republic, the chic bent of Gap and of course KARL, the new sweet price line of Karl Lagerfeld, difficult to miss the masstige version 2012. You're told all of these brands that have stole the show at major retailers.

KARL, rock'n'roll online
Karl Lagerfeld is not a man to rest on his successes. If he is already at the head of the Chanel house and its luxury line Karl Lagerfeld, it is launched today in affordable prestige. With KARL, the darling fashion designer, mixes rock and soft prices. The special feature of KARL? The collection is only available on the internet. What to add to our favorites, between Topshop and Urban Outfitters.

COS, affordable chic
The fashion baby H & M is far from the girly and cheap parts offered by the Swedish brand. At COS, the chic is affordable and the pieces are placed under the sign of the timeless. We love clean cuts, soft cashmere sweaters, perfectly proportioned dresses and carefully handled colors. Mid-range line, COS keeps its promises level quality price.

Forever 21, young people in the spotlight
Qualified as Zara or H & M American-style, the brand Forever 21 has just opened its first store with us, in Vélizy more exactly. The brand wants to be girly and young and put above all on its low prices. We love the American and daring side of Forever 21, its sexy cuts, sometimes grunge but still very fashionable. A brand for young women who like good basic as well as slip into pieces.

Marks & Spencer, British style
In full crisis, Marks & Spencer closed ten years ago all its French stores. Fortunately it was better to come back! After a first address on the Champs-Elysees opened late last year, Marks & Spencer should conquer a little more the capital by opening new stores. With its high-end positioning and affordable prices, the English brand is comparable here at Monoprix. We like: its classic lines, so British!

Banana Republic, the casual American style
Redeemed by Gap in 1983, Banana Republic waited several years before arriving in France. Opened on the Champs Elysees at the end of 2011 (like Marks & Spencer), the American brand relies on sleek and chic pieces that have made its reputation: trench, cashmere, dress without frills, white shirt. More casual than sexy, Banana Republic targets a much more adult than Forever 21. If the prices eyeing the high end, quality suffers.

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