May 28, 2024

From the detox to the menu: pro tips

Which foods to ban?
Do not eat dairy products, meat or the like, or fats.

Which foods to add to the menu?
Tea, infusions, water, soup, cooked vegetables, raw and cooked fruits, some starchy foods or bread.

What are the right food attitudes to adopt? Your advice for a successful cure.
It is also necessary to have fun even during the detox by opting for vegetables and tasty fruits, not to be limited in quantity of vegetables and fruits and to integrate a little starchy foods not to be hungry. Then, after the cure, we must still follow a balanced diet.

An example of a menu for a post-holiday detox day?
For breakfast: a tea or an infusion, a fresh fruit salad and a slice of cereal bread.

In the morning: drink a tea or an infusion.

For lunch: a soup of seasonal vegetables, a muslin of potatoes and celeriac, and clementines.

To taste it: a tea or an infusion and a compote of fruits.

For dinner: a vegetable soup in julienne, braised endives (without fat), lemon and parsley, and a slice of fresh pineapple for dessert.

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