November 28, 2022

Frozen: practical, but is it good?

In the frozen world of frozen foods, two types of products must be distinguished: dishes prepared and basic. The first ones are to choose with great attention! Indeed, they often have a high salt content, additives and preservatives galore and, worst of all, sugar and fat. And this also applies to the pan-seared bag of vegetables which seemed to us harmless and healthy.
For commodities such as vegetables natures, fruits, the meat or even the fish, the frozen has many assets. Nothing is better than fish cool you tell me. Yes, but when you live far from the sea where you do not have a fishmonger worthy of the name nearby, frozen is the best option. For the simple reason that fish is frozen immediately after being caught before returning to port. Side flavor, no complaints, you can even taste it in sushi. For the meat, even topo. We wait a little before freezing to keep its tenderness, but quality level is the appointment.
And the fruits and vegetables ? It may surprise you, but it is sometimes better to buy apricots or frozen mango than to pick fresh from the supermarket. The difference ? The fruits and vegetables Frozen are picked ripe, while those sometimes found on the stalls of our supermarkets are picked green and ripen during transport. So between an apricot all hard and tasteless and a frozen apricot, my choice is quickly made! Well, of course, they will never have the same taste and flavor as a fruit picked on the tree, but their nutritional qualities are pretty much the same. So why deprive yourself ? Especially with frozen food, I can eat blueberry pies all year long!

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