June 9, 2023

Fruits, dairy products ... These foods are good for fertility

Dairy products

Prefer dairy products rich in fat. They must be at least half skim. According to the researchers, 0% dairy products have side effects on women's hormones and they fertility. Consuming two whole dairy products a day would, however, have a positive impact on ovulation.

Long live omega-3s!

Eat oily fish like mackerel or tuna and you'll boost your fertility. Omega-3s are fats that have many benefits on the reproductive system, unlike saturated fats, which would produce the opposite effect while increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease? Another advantage with omega-3s: their anti-stress power, a very interesting asset when you worry a little because you want to fall at any price pregnant !

Eat foods high in folic acid

Folic acid, or vitamin B9, is a vitamin that promotes a normal female cycle and therefore ovulation. Many women, however, tend to miss it, which is why gynecologists often prescribe folic acid supplements for women who want to have baby. To increase your chances of falling pregnantSo, it is wise to eat a lot of foods high in vitamin B9: brewer's yeast, spinach, mussels, watercress, lentils, quinoa?

Limit sugars

Avoid anything that is very sweet like sodas, pastries or confectionery? In fact, very sweet foods tend to increase insulin in the blood, which would disturb ovulation. Instead, choose slow carbohydrates such as cereals or low glycemic index foods such as fruit or agave syrup.




What is fertility diet? - Dr. Manjunath C S (June 2023)