October 27, 2021

Futuristic Hairstyles: Deciphering a New Trend by a Pro

-The base of the futuristic cup is often a retro cup that we will resize, restructure. Take for example Mireille Mathieu, We keep the cup, simply, we will transform his fringe classic in one fringe crooked that would cover a single eye, and there your cup becomes futuristic!

- The hairstyles Futurists have character. They are asymmetrical cuts, smoothed that are in excess!

-By color, we opt for ultra-glossy colors almost superficial as white Albino hair ... or platinum blonde.

The hairstyles futurists can be real works of art for some. They combine shaved skull and long hair, a color on one side and a different one on the other.

All women can opt for a hairstyle futuristic. You just have to wonder what image she wants to give of themselves ... The square wavy blond platinum is a hairstyle trendy futuristic that will suit the most shy girls.

Editors Expose’: Key Trends in Consumer Beauty @ Beauty Tech Summit CES 2017 (October 2021)