December 3, 2020

Gabriel Aubry, new face of Louis Vuitton

Duel at the top between two Hollywood couples: on one side Madonna and Jesus Luz ; the other Gabriel Aubry and and Halle Berry. They are beautiful, rich and famous but they are competing to represent the trunk Louis Vuitton. Finally Louis Vuitton chose Gabriel Aubry as ambassador of his Men's collection

Aged 33, the charming Gabriel is already a leading model. He works for Gianni Versace, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger.

However Madonna, who represents Vuitton this year, will have weighed all his influence to push his darling, the little Jesus. But that will not have been enough ...

Once is not custom, Madonna did not achieve his goals on this one. But knowing the Madonna, she needs more to give up ... Maybe she did not say her last word?


Inside News Tonight | 20-10-2557 Gabriel aubry โต้กลับ Halle berry (December 2020)