October 25, 2021

Games for kids: the family is growing at the Sims

For the birth from this Thu The Sims 3 Animals & Co., the happy "parents", Electronic Arts, have chosen Shy'm as "godmother". This American company has put in the mile since the French singer RnB is indeed a fan of Sims and loves animals since his early childhood.
To the question Why did you agree to become the ambassador for this Thu, Shy'm replied: "I have always been a fan of Sims and when Electronic Arts contacted me and introduced me to all the novelties of the Thu... Incarnate a cat, a dog and even a horse, I liked it right away! "
Shy'mwho has been playing video games since a young age, also has a pet named Warhol. How did he get into his life? "When I met Electronic Arts, I was looking for a pet ... Electronic Arts gave me this cute little dog that is less docile than it looks!"
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A first ! Players will indeed be able to create and embody their favorite pets (dogs, cats, unicorns ...) and experience incredible adventures. Dozens of real breeds of dogs and cats ... are indeed available. The player can also customize his animal.

This Thu also has new interactions. Unearthing objects or scratching furniture in the living room ... will be some of his favorite activities. He will also have the opportunity to have more difficult missions: help his master find a girlfriend or become a police dog. Namely: depending on the personality traits that the player will choose for his animal, the experience of Thu will be different and it will have an impact on the stories. If you own an Xbox 360 and PS3, you're a lucky little since the Thu owns exclusive animals like the tiger dog, the polecat cat or the panda dog. If you do not have one or the other ... It's Christmas soon!

Exclusive: players will have the opportunity to create, embody and ride horses on the PC / MAC version. They will also have the opportunity to customize their mount through a wide selection of breeds. The Sims will have to learn how to ride horses to win equestrian competitions, to move around town with their horses or to train them.

You can also visit Appaloosa Plains, the new city of Sims 3 Animals and Co. which is available on PC and MAC.

As the holidays approach the end of the year, Sims 3 Animaux et Cie is a gift idea that will surely make children happy. It's your turn !

Practical information :

Price of Thu available on PC / MAC: 39.99 euros
Price of Thu available on Nintendo 3DS: 45 euros
Price of Thu available on XBOX 360 and Playstation 3: 69.90 euros

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