April 17, 2024

Garlic, onion, shallot, what are their benefits on our health?

They are called "nutraceuticals" because they are not only excellent condiments but also natural medicines. Enhancers of tastes, they have everything for them.


Garlic fights cholesterol


It is part of the family lily, which also include shallot, leek or asparagus and is the basis of Provencal dishes. It is composed of a bulb containing different pods, called caïeux. But this condiment has many properties on health. It protects against cardiovascular disease by reducing rates of bad cholesterol. Well known for its diuretic and digestive virtues, garlic is fortifying the bones, gives a beautiful skin and acts as a fortifier. Nails and hair will be stronger and more resistant. It is also a powerful ally in the fight against cellulite or during digestion. When cooking garlic, some advise to remove the germ, which is digestible. You can consume well 6 pods per week; in one leg, in pasta or in sauces ...



The shallot improves digestion


The shallot is the same size as a bulb of garlic. There are three types: the gray shallot (the most aromatic), the Jersey shallot and the shallot "chicken leg". The shallot has properties similar to garlic. It has anti-oxidant properties and protects the body, including the digestive tract. The shallot is particularly rich in minerals, vitamins and trace elements and plays an important role in the functioning of the nervous system and immune defenses.


Raw, shallot is used to flavor salads and raw vegetables. Essential ingredient of white butter and Béarnaise sauces, it can also be eaten with oysters.



Onion reduces stress Onion is an herb that is widely used in kitchens around the world. There are three main colors: white, yellow or red. The little ones onions are generally more fragrant and tastier than the big ones onions.



It can help fight against hypertension and stress. Thanks to its large amount of minerals, onions are antiallergic. It acts on the functioning of the urinary system. The ideal would be to consume the raw onion but it is difficult to digest raw. It is better to consume it cooked. It keeps its laxative properties and does not lose its nutritional value when cooked. But it is not suitable for everyone. Then prefer the shallot for all its antibiotic properties. You can consume up to 200 grams ofonions per day.



Tip: to peel onions without crying, you just have to do it under a trickle of water, because the molecule responsible for the tears is soluble in water.


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