April 20, 2024

George Michael sells the exclusivity of his memoirs for a record amount

The amount of the agreement between the two parties would amount to several million euros, setting a new record in the world of British publishing. The book is due out in the fall of 2009.

Autobiography is on the rise at bookstores. Whether politicians or celebrities on the scene, readers are passionate about their stories. After Tony Blair or Bill Clinton, it is now the turn of George Michael to deliver his memoirs.

Former member of the Wham! must release an autobiography "certified without any taboos", touching both his professional history and his intimate life.

According to the co-manager of George Michael, Andy Stephens, the singer has promised HarperCollins a biography without any forbidden. "People are not stupid, they start to notice that the truth is much more interesting than the gossip relayed by the press" did he declare.

At 44, George Michael has an exceptional musical record behind him: he has been six times number one in sales of singles in the United States and eleven times in Great Britain. Six of his albums have also reached the top of the rankings.

In spite of court troubles and high-profile homosexuality, the interpreter of Wake Me Up Before You Go is a very reserved person. Hence an expectation all the more exacerbated by the public for his story, especially since the story of the artist was never told in a book.

" It's an incredibly exciting event in the publishing world. George Michael is one of the most famous and appreciated singers in the world. He has an amazing story to tell. The most important thing is that his book will be completely authentic because he will write it himself entirely"Belinga Buge, from HarperCollins, said.

The book will be released by HarperColins as a book and digital book in the fall of 2009. The book will initially be available in six countries in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. in New Zealand and India.

In 2006, George Michael has started an anniversary tour for his 25-year career, 25 Live, whose concerts were sold out.

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