August 15, 2022

Get a tattoo removed

Now, to erase a tattoo, different lasers are used to overcome it. For this operation, only a qualified dermatologist is entitled to perform this procedure.

The pigment laser can destroy the pigment introduced into the skin during the tattoo session. This laser is particularly effective for small tattoos and dark pigments, located on the superficial layers of the skin.

For tattoos deep and colorful (especially blue and green), these are the most difficult to remove. The doctor will proceed to the session in winter, when you will not be bothered by the sun's rays and you must avoid tanning at least a few weeks before and of course after ...

Two hours before the laser sessionan anesthetic ointment will be applied to the area to be treated. Depending on the tattoo and the results obtained, several sessions are to be considered (an interval of two months between each session is necessary).

Then, it is necessary to disinfect and apply a healing cream while protecting this part of the sun.

In case of failure, the CO2 laser can also be a solution. It will eliminate the cells that have absorbed the color without damaging them.

The surgical procedure was performed before the appearance of the laser, effective on large tattoos, it left a visible scar on the skin. Plastic surgery can be considered, it leaves no traces but it remains unaffordable because of its cost.
Our advice
This depigmentation operation may involve risks leaving scars and brown spots on the skin. It is necessary to respect all the precautions of use after this operation (disinfection, solar protection ...).

Laser Tattoo Removal - How a Tattoo is Removed (August 2022)