February 29, 2024

Getting ready for skiing: sports lessons on the internet

If you leave soon
The coachclub site offers a ski preparation program developed by two physiotherapists to start two to three weeks before leaving. It consists of 21 lessons in video of 10 minutes each. The program is progressive and is divided into three levels, the further we go, the more difficult the sequences become. But it remains accessible to all, the exercises in themselves being easy, it is in fact the work in endurance that requires the most.

Each ten minute session takes place in 4 stages. First the warm-up: thanks to exercises on the ground or standing, one solicits the muscles of the thighs. Then, the muscular reinforcement: we follow various exercises to solicit the whole body, group by group. Then we work the balance, which allows to prepare the ligaments and tendons, especially around the ankles and knees. We end with stretching.

Objective: You prepare for skiing, after registration 15 free first days then 1 month: 16,90? or package 12 months: 8,90? / month.

If you have some margin
If you have a little more time to get ready, opt for the special winter sports program of the Feeling Forme online coaching website, designed by a teacher from fitness. It takes place over five weeks and consists of 23 video lessons and advice on diet and specific training to prepare physically for winter sports.
Same principle as at Coachclub, the courses last about ten minutes. The first two weeks, we focus on the heart with different exercises to strengthen, the next two weeks are devoted to physical preparation with work on the whole body and the last week is more specific and is it totally dedicated to sliding sports, with different exercises according to the sport that we will practice.

Feel Special Winter Sports Program, 5 weeks, 32?.

Beginner Ski Lesson #1.2 - Sliding on Snow (February 2024)