December 1, 2021

Gillette Fusion Power Stealth's latest razor

New Gillette razor, the must have of the man
Black has invaded the world of men : from their car, into
their bathroom ... let it be said: the black is male ... so let's make a little extra room in the house!
Fusion Power Stealth meets the expectations of men in terms of shaving and sticks to the trend of black very fashionable.

Comfort level

With five blades in the front, shaving is done without difficulty. The blades are 30% more tightened thus allow less passage and little risk of cuts and irritations.

Precision level
At the back, a finishing blade can treat areas difficult to shave: under the nose, at the level of the legs or to sculpt his beard.

Power level
An integrated motor Shaver creates light micro-pulsations that help reduce friction
and allow better glide.

Its black and orange look is very chic and trendy. The men will be able to strut with pride in their bathroom!

Useful information :
Price 13.50?
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