October 22, 2021

Gisele Bündchen has beautiful hair and yet ...

Long hair of a bright blonde, light natural ripples, surfer look ... Gisele Bündchen created, without even wanting it, a hair trend, demanded in all hair salons: the wavy. Although it is difficult to match the beauty, there are however some products, such as sprays and mousses, that allow us to work our hair, like the incredible Gisele. One wonders, all the same, how does the young mother to obtain such an effect. If this aspect is natural or, like us, shaped. The answer was given by the Associated Press, who interviewed Gisele Bündchen, to find out, among other things, her secret beauty. Secret to say the least ... amazing.
The former Angel Victoria's Secret has thus confided, without blinking: "You have to know that in my job, people are styling me hair everyday. You must remember that the last thing I want, when I'm on leave, is wearing my hair hair". Outside the spotlights, Gisele Bündchen so cares little about her hair, which she sometimes attaches in a loose and loose bun, at most. The supermodel even revealed that she did not have a hair dryer at home. Unbelievable ! Especially since it is, for a moment already, muse for the mark of care and products for hair, Pantene. Difficult to apologize for shampoo, masks and others, when we know that she does nothing, once at home, to look after her beautiful mane. She will say, however, during this interview, how fabulous their products are.
Disappointment: Gisèle did not give miracle tricks that allow us to copy her hair. Only advice provided: do not swallow "unhealthy things". Ambassador Pantene revealed, for example, that she had not drunk a single drop of soda for the past 10 years. Sugary soft drinks, number one enemy of our hair ? To believe the beautiful, yes. You know what you have left to do !

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