June 23, 2024

Give yourself the glasses of Sarah Jessica Parker!

Fashion Alert! We spotted Sarah Jessica Parker in the streets of New York. On the set of Sex and the city 2, Sarah Jessica Parker change clothes faster than his shadow. And for good reason, her stylist, Patricia Field, is responsible for finding the creators who will be tomorrow at the forefront of fashion. Latest find, glasses JEE VICE, model HEATED.

Not sure that with these sunglasses very pop and tart Sarah Jessica Parker will go unnoticed on the set of the movie, which is currently taking place in the streets of Manhattan.

Less discreet than the traditional ones glasses black, but just as elegant, these glasses will give a cachet to all your outfits. Maybe the essential accessory next summer?

If you want to adopt the look of Sarah Jessica, it's possible because these glasses arrive in France

Price: 185?


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