August 15, 2022

Global Perfect Pore Minimizer: the magic of Sisley

A cosmetological innovation. Global Perfect Pore Minimizer Sisley is the first expert treatment for young skin as well as mature skin. This face care deeply treats irregularities of complexion by targeting the main causes of pore dilation. These are due to an excess of sebum and particularly affects combination or oily skin which causes unsightly black spots or highlight areas on the face. Global Perfect Pore Minimizer concentrates powerful assets selected to smooth the skin micro-relief, reduce the appearance and size of pores, normalize the hyperseborrhea of ​​oily skin and strengthen the dermal structure of mature skin. From then on, the skin is magnified from day to day. In a few weeks of use, the face becomes more radiant, the skin is clean, the skin texture velvety. Sisley has definitely found the miracle recipe to have a perfect complexion ...

Sisley, Global Perfect Pore Minimizer Serum, 130?

$200 MAKEUP PRIMER ... WTF??? + NEW HAIR!!!! (August 2022)